The latest findings in quantum medicine confirm ancient Greek health teachings

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Quantum medicine confirms ancient Greek health teachings

Updated on 23. November 2021 from ÁYIO-Q Redaktion

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Every year millions of people make pilgrimages to sanctuaries such as Lourdes and drink healing water from the famous springs. Some even bathe in it. Again and again there are reports of spectacular healings, which the Catholic Church recognises as miracles only after careful examination.

How is it possible for people to experience relief or even a cure for the most serious illnesses through the use of water? The answer to this also reveals one of the great secrets of health knowledge in ancient Greece.

Water as an information storage: the research of Masaru Emoto and Bernd Kröplin

Each of us consists of more than 70 percent water. Since all the body’s own processes take place in an aqueous solution, the valuable fluid has been the subject of scientific research for many years.

The impressive crystal pictures by the Japanese doctor Dr. Masaru Emoto. They show that water absorbs information from the environment and thereby changes its structure. While tap water looks disordered and chaotic in photos, crystals from pure spring water form a symmetrical, six-sided (hexagonal) structure.

Dr. Emotos research findings confirm the results by the German engineer Professor Dr. Bernd Kröplin. With the help of dark field microscopy, he examined water droplets from different parts of the world. Dark field microscopes have been known for more than 250 years and are very popular in naturopathic diagnostics.

According to Professor Kröplin, water can store information from plants, crystals, sound waves, electromagnetic radiation (cell phones), and even words and thoughts. With his spectacular images, he proves that saliva, blood and urine take on an ordered structure when you drink pure spring water.

Is the secret of Lourdes’ healing water in the fact that it is of high order? If so, what does this ordered structure look like? The pioneering work of health expert Professor Dr. Gerald Pollack provide the first pointers to answer this question.

EZ water – the fourth state of matter

In nature, water normally occurs in three different physical states: liquid, solid (ice) and gaseous (water vapour). It has been known for more than 70 years that liquid water behaves differently than usual near charged surfaces. Professor Pollack took up this knowledge and discovered in the course of his research a new state of matter, which he called EZ water.

EZ is pronounced like the English word “easy” and is an acronym for “Exclusion Zone”. The expression indicates that the water structure changes drastically at distances of 10 to 100 micrometers from charged surfaces: In addition to the concentration of dissolved particles, the degree of acidity (pH value) and the charge, the physical properties of the exclusion zone differ significantly from liquid water. 1

The trick is that EZ water has a hexagonal, liquid crystalline structure and thus represents an intermediate stage between liquid and solid water. Professor Pollack describes this intermediate stage as the 4th physical state.

What effects does this physical background have on the understanding of the processes in our organism?

Body cells are about 25 micrometers in diameter. Each water molecule is a maximum of 12.5 micrometers away from the charged cell wall and is therefore in the area of ​​the EZ. As a result, the water in our cells is not in liquid, but in liquid-crystalline form as EZ water.

According to investigations by the Freiburg internist Dr. Bodo Köhler, not only our cell water, but also the water in the connective tissue takes on a liquid-crystalline form. The classical chemistry of aqueous solutions is therefore useless when it comes to understanding the processes in our body. Instead, quantum medicine uses the basic regulation model.

System of basic regulation according to Pischinger

In his health reports, the biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton clearly shows that our cells and organs are fed by connective tissue. At the same time, the body cells secrete metabolic products and pathogens so that they can be disposed of via the lymph. According to Dr. Köhler, connective tissue water has a highly ordered, liquid-crystalline structure. Current research shows that our connective tissue as a whole acts like a giant liquid crystal. 2

The interactions between this liquid crystal, called matrix, and the body’s cells is what the Austrian physician Professor Dr. Alfred Pischinger calls the system of basic regulation. In simple terms, the body’s ability to regulate depends on the physical state of the water in the matrix. For your information: Doctors in ancient Greece called the regulatory ability self-healing powers.

If there are disturbances, the liquid crystalline water changes into the liquid state at these points. If only a small part of the connective tissue is affected by the transformation, our organism can compensate for the whole without any problems.

However, if larger areas of the liquid crystal are subjected to the negative changes, our cells are no longer adequately supplied with vital information, nutrients and oxygen. As a result, communication between the body cells is disrupted, leading to inflammation and blockages. The health potential (life energy) decreases, which over time leads to chronic diseases.

A successful naturopathic therapy starts exactly at this point. Appropriate procedures such as detoxification and deacidification, cupping or subtle treatments (spagyric, homeopathy, bioresonance therapy) precisely eliminate the disturbances in the matrix.

Effect of spring water on the human body

The research results of Professor Kröplin and Dr. Emoto provide evidence that pure spring water increases the degree of order in our body water. In relation to the basic system described by Professor Pischinger, this means: Spring water promotes the restoration of liquid-crystalline water in the connective tissue. This improves cell communication and the supply of nutrients and oxygen to our cells.

In a pilot study, the general practitioner and health expert, Dr. Kirsten Deutschländer, prove that spring water from artesian wells reduces inflammation in the body. 3

Over a period of three months, 80 test subjects drank 1.5 litres of spring water every day. Amongst other things, the following symptoms and clinical pictures improved:

  • Allergic tendency, hay fever
  • Rheumatic complaints
  • Dandruff braid (Psoriasis)
  • Fear
  • Stomach and joint pain
  • Headache, migraine
  • Disc problems
  • Swelling in the fingers

Live water for the prevention and healing of diseases

Healing waters such as from the spring of Lourdes contain subtle signals that in particular can restore the regulatory ability of the connective tissue. Then why do not all people who drink this water get well? The magic word is resonance! Only those who come into energetic resonance (interaction) with the stored information benefit from the healing effect.

Doctors in ancient Greece knew that therapy had to be tailored individually to each patient. The ÁYIO-Q Center of Vitality also makes use of this important knowledge. In all programs such as House-Detoxification, precisely fitting subtle information is imprinted on your drinking water at home. Remote transmission is based on the physical principle of quantum entanglement. 4

According to the principles of the ÁYIO-Q doctrine of vitality, the primary goal is to raise the life energy and the self-healing powers of the person concerned so that a state of health can be achieved.

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[1] Pollack GH. Water, Energy and Life: Fresh Views from the Water’s Edge. Int J Des Nat Ecodyn. 2010 Dec 3;5(1):27-29.

[2] Köhler, B. Die neue, wissenschaftlich begründete Weltsicht. Page 37.



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published on:
12. July 2021

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