The fascinating healing powers of water

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Fascinating healing powers of water

Updated on 15. November 2021 from ÁYIO-Q Redaktion

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Without water, life on earth would not be possible. Our muscles are 75% water, our blood 82%, our lungs 90% and even our bones contain 25% water. We are always advised to drink enough water to stay hydrated – but why is this so important? Well, because water not only ensures that our bodies function optimally, but because high-quality water can also prevent or even cure diseases. These include diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and even asthma. If you want to make your lifestyle healthier, make it a habit to drink enough natural water. The positive effects will not be long in coming. High-quality water is an excellent investment in your health.

Healing power of water for back pain

Lower back pain and spondylitis are signs of a lack of water in the spine and discs. These are normally the water cushions that support the body weight. Arthritis is a sign of lack of water in the aching joint. It affects young and old people alike. If arthritis and back pain are not recognised as signs of dehydration, and if they are treated with painkillers and eventually even surgery, osteoarthritis develops over time as the cartilage cells in the joints die. This can lead to deformities of the spine or paralysis in the joints. Painkillers bring with them a whole range of side effects, the full extent of which become apparent over time if you take them regularly. Painkillers do not cure the symptoms, but often cause additional damage. Adequate water intake with small amounts of salt, on the other hand, can have a healing effect.

Healing power of water for high blood pressure

Hypertension is an adaptive response of the body to constant dryness in the body. There is not enough water in the body to fill all the blood vessels that carry water to the cells. For the mechanism of reverse osmosis, when water is filtered from the blood and injected into the vital cells, it then needs extra pressure to carry out this process. Again, taking in enough water with some salt can help normalise high blood pressure. Failure to recognise high blood pressure as one of the biggest indicators of dehydration and treating it with diuretics that further dehydrate the body can, after some time, lead to cholesterol blocking the arteries of the heart and the arteries leading to the brain. The result can be heart attacks or strokes, kidney damage, brain damage or neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Reasons for the development of diseases

From studies, statistics and trusted sources, inflammation can be identified as a major cause of disease. Inflammation occurs in the body due to poor diet, stress or a disease-causing lifestyle. They can be avoided by changing certain things. With a healthy diet, a conscious lifestyle, mindfulness and other measures, such as the ÁYIO-Q nature-based health programmes, inflammation is preventable or can even be reversed.

Getting fascinating results with water

The ancient Greeks already knew about the healing powers of water and made use of them. Drinking high-quality spring water or cleansing the body are extremely beneficial to our health – then as now. Already in ancient times, several hot springs were used, which had a high sulphur and chlorine sodium content. People used the springs for therapeutic baths against rheumatism, nervous disorders or skin diseases. This old knowledge is taken up again in the ÁYIO-Q Centre for Vitality and continued, for example in the healing and mineral water cure or in skin cleansing and care. In this way, pain can be treated in a natural way and the symptoms for it can be eliminated, instead of having to rely on painkillers for a lifetime and having to struggle with the side effects.

The ÁYIO-Q health programmes take a holistic approach and combine nutrition, breathing and spiritual with water cures and word therapy. At the ÁYIO-Q Health Centre, time-honoured health knowledge is brought together with the latest findings from neuroscience, quantum physics and naturopathy. Quantum medicine is becoming increasingly popular and people with health complaints are discovering this naturopathy-based health teaching for themselves.

At the heart of the ÁYIO-Q health programmes is the ÁYIO-Q module, which increases the effectiveness of good water and prepares it optimally for the healing process. The AYIO-Q module is connected to an information source by quantum entanglement. A glass bottle or a drinking glass filled with water is placed on it for 10-30 minutes. The water is energised by quantum entanglement. Depending on the complaints, it is then drunk at certain intervals or applied to the skin. The effect of the water is complemented and supported by the right nutrition for the respective complaints, breathing and relaxation exercises and word therapy. The sought-after ÁYIO-Q health programmes are now available online at ÁYIO-Q. There, interested people can also test their life energy and immediately find out where they currently stand.

Information from recognised health experts on symptoms, therapies, vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs, ÁYIO-Q Enerγó-Hydro-Therapy and ÁYIO-Q Pnoē-Therapy.

published on:
12. July 2021

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