Adiposity (Obesity) – The psyche is of far-reaching importance

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Overweight and obesity are widely believed to be a problem of eating too much and too little exercise. It is not uncommon for overweight people to be accused of a lack of willpower and weak character. This in turn has the consequence that obese people feel weak. You feel excluded and worth nothing. The already difficult everyday life is additionally burdened by negative thoughts. And so they reach for food again.

The everyday life of modern people is characterised by time pressure, the pursuit of achievement and overstimulation. This quickly leads to excessive demands and the associated negative feelings such as fear of failure. In addition, there is often loneliness, sadness and anger. There are many reasons to sweeten your supposedly bitter fate with good food and drink. Studies have shown that food actually has a significant influence on one’s emotional state. Food intervenes deeply in our psyche, it works like a drug and controls our emotions. Every meal not only influences what happens physically, but also determines what and how we feel. And that is also the problem: People who pay attention to their diet feel bad after eating unhealthy food, while stress-eaters feel better after consuming sweets. A team of researchers from the Universities of Gießen and Marburg found this out.

Some feelings about food disappear quickly, others are imprinted on the memory and become a habit. Your favourite dish brings back memories of the security and affection of childhood and you feel good. Some researchers now believe that good, healthy food can convey a whole new attitude towards life. And with that, the addiction is no longer far away, the desire to feel good is better. Everyday stress, psychological stress and conflicts are numbed with food. Over time, this leads to obesity and the associated physical and psychological problems, which in turn lead to eating.

A change in diet and more exercise are not enough to break this vicious circle. Those affected have to learn to deal with their psychological stress and negative feelings. They need to take responsibility for themselves again and help heal them by changing attitudes.

A positive outlook on life reduces stress and, last but not least, also has an impact on health. It strengthens the immune system and thus prevents diseases. This has been proven in numerous studies. Even with serious illnesses, a positive attitude improves your personal quality of life. According to a study by the University School of Medicine in Boston, even people with an optimistic mindset are expected to live longer. As a rule, people with a positive attitude live healthier anyway. You eat healthily, do not smoke or drink and are active in sports. But even positive thinkers with a rather mediocre healthy lifestyle are rewarded with a longer life, according to the study. The researchers found the reason for this in the greater resilience that positive thinking brings with it. According to this, positive-thinking people can cope better with stress and recover from difficulties more quickly.

Again and again there are reports of people who have cured themselves from serious illnesses only through positive thinking. With a change in attitude to life, you have strengthened your self-healing powers and overcome the disease. The mechanisms by which positive thoughts affect the defence against illness have not yet been explored to the full. According to a study by the Israel Institute for Technology in Haifa, the brain releases larger amounts of the “feel-good” hormone dopamine when thinking positively. This hormone activates the immune system, more phagocytes are dispatched to fight pathogens, and the number of antibodies in the blood increases.

Everyone can activate their self-healing powers through a positive attitude towards life and thus contribute significantly to the fight against diseases.

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published on:
13. July 2021

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