Z98.- Other postprocedural states


  • Aftercare (Z43-Z49-Z51)
  • Follow-up medical care (Z08-Z09)
  • Postprocedural complication – see Alphabetical Index
  • Z98
  • Other postprocedural states
    • Z98.0
    Intestinal bypass and anastomosis status
    • Z98.1
    Arthrodesis status
    • Z98.2
    Presence of cerebrospinal fluid drainage device
    • Z98.3
    Post therapeutic collapse of lung status
    • Z98.4
    Cataract extraction status
      • Z98.41
    Cataract extraction status, right eye
      • Z98.42
    Cataract extraction status, left eye
      • Z98.49
    Cataract extraction status, unspecified eye
    • Z98.5
    Sterilization status
      • Z98.51
    Tubal ligation status
      • Z98.52
    Vasectomy status
    • Z98.6
    Angioplasty status
      • Z98.61
    Coronary angioplasty status
      • Z98.62
    Peripheral vascular angioplasty status
    • Z98.8
    Other specified postprocedural states
      • Z98.81
    Dental procedure status
          • Z98.810
    Dental sealant status
          • Z98.811
    Dental restoration status
          • Z98.818
    Other dental procedure status
      • Z98.82
    Breast implant status
      • Z98.83
    Filtering (vitreous) bleb after glaucoma surgery status
      • Z98.84
    Bariatric surgery status
      • Z98.85
    Transplanted organ removal status
      • Z98.86
    Personal history of breast implant removal
      • Z98.87
    Personal history of in utero procedure
          • Z98.870
    Personal history of in utero procedure, during pregnancy
          • Z98.871
    Personal history of in utero procedure, while a fetus
      • Z98.89
    Other specified postprocedural states
          • Z98.890
    Other specified postprocedural states
          • Z98.891
    History of uterine scar from previous surgery