Z62.- Problems related to upbringing


  • Current and past negative life events in childhood
  • Current and past problems of a child related to upbringing


  • Maltreatment syndrome (T74.-)
  • Problems related to housing and economic circumstances (Z59.-)
  • Z62
  • Problems related to upbringing
    • Z62.0
    Inadequate parental supervision and control
    • Z62.1
    Parental overprotection
    • Z62.2
    Upbringing away from parents
      • Z62.21
    Child in welfare custody
      • Z62.22
    Institutional upbringing
      • Z62.29
    Other upbringing away from parents
    • Z62.3
    Hostility towards and scapegoating of child
    • Z62.6
    Inappropriate (excessive) parental pressure
    • Z62.8
    Other specified problems related to upbringing
      • Z62.81
    Personal history of abuse in childhood
          • Z62.810
    Personal history of physical and sexual abuse in childhood
          • Z62.811
    Personal history of psychological abuse in childhood
          • Z62.812
    Personal history of neglect in childhood
          • Z62.813
    Personal history of forced labor or sexual exploitation in childhood
          • Z62.819
    Personal history of unspecified abuse in childhood
      • Z62.82
    Parent-child conflict
          • Z62.820
    Parent-biological child conflict
          • Z62.821
    Parent-adopted child conflict
          • Z62.822
    Parent-foster child conflict
      • Z62.89
    Other specified problems related to upbringing
          • Z62.890
    Parent-child estrangement NEC
          • Z62.891
    Sibling rivalry
          • Z62.898
    Other specified problems related to upbringing
    • Z62.9
    Problem related to upbringing, unspecified