Z18.- Retained foreign body fragments


  • Embedded fragment (status))
  • Embedded splinter (status))
  • Retained foreign body status


  • Artificial joint prosthesis status (Z96.6-)
  • Foreign body accidentally left during a procedure (T81.5-)
  • Foreign body entering through orifice (T15-T19)
  • In situ cardiac device (Z95.-)
  • Organ or tissue replaced by means other than transplant (Z96.–Z97.-)
  • Organ or tissue replaced by transplant (Z94.-)
  • Personal history of retained foreign body fully removed
  • Superficial foreign body (non-embedded splinter) – code to superficial foreign body, by site)
  • Z18
  • Retained foreign body fragments
    • Z18.0
    Retained radioactive fragments
      • Z18.01
    Retained depleted uranium fragments
      • Z18.09
    Other retained radioactive fragments
    • Z18.1
    Retained metal fragments
      • Z18.10
    Retained metal fragments, unspecified
      • Z18.11
    Retained magnetic metal fragments
      • Z18.12
    Retained nonmagnetic metal fragments
    • Z18.2
    Retained plastic fragments
    • Z18.3
    Retained organic fragments
      • Z18.31
    Retained animal quills or spines
      • Z18.32
    Retained tooth
      • Z18.33
    Retained wood fragments
      • Z18.39
    Other retained organic fragments
    • Z18.8
    Other specified retained foreign body
      • Z18.81
    Retained glass fragments
      • Z18.83
    Retained stone or crystalline fragments
      • Z18.89
    Other specified retained foreign body, fragments
    • Z18.9
    Retained foreign body fragments, unspecified material