M22.- Disorder of patella


  • Traumatic dislocation of patella (S83.0-)
  • M22
  • Disorder of patella
    • M22.0
    Recurrent dislocation of patella
      • M22.00
    Recurrent dislocation of patella, unspecified knee
      • M22.01
    Recurrent dislocation of patella, right knee
      • M22.02
    Recurrent dislocation of patella, left knee
    • M22.1
    Recurrent subluxation of patella
      • M22.10
    Recurrent subluxation of patella, unspecified knee
      • M22.11
    Recurrent subluxation of patella, right knee
      • M22.12
    Recurrent subluxation of patella, left knee
    • M22.2
    Patellofemoral disorders
      • M22.2X
    Patellofemoral disorders
          • M22.2X1
    Patellofemoral disorders, right knee
          • M22.2X2
    Patellofemoral disorders, left knee
          • M22.2X9
    Patellofemoral disorders, unspecified knee
    • M22.3
    Other derangements of patella
      • M22.3X
    Other derangements of patella
          • M22.3X1
    Other derangements of patella, right knee
          • M22.3X2
    Other derangements of patella, left knee
          • M22.3X9
    Other derangements of patella, unspecified knee
    • M22.4
    Chondromalacia patellae
      • M22.40
    Chondromalacia patellae, unspecified knee
      • M22.41
    Chondromalacia patellae, right knee
      • M22.42
    Chondromalacia patellae, left knee
    • M22.8
    Other disorders of patella
      • M22.8X
    Other disorders of patella
          • M22.8X1
    Other disorders of patella, right knee
          • M22.8X2
    Other disorders of patella, left knee
          • M22.8X9
    Other disorders of patella, unspecified knee
    • M22.9
    Unspecified disorder of patella
      • M22.90
    Unspecified disorder of patella, unspecified knee
      • M22.91
    Unspecified disorder of patella, right knee
      • M22.92
    Unspecified disorder of patella, left knee