K83.- Other diseases of biliary tract


  • Conditions involving the gallbladder (K81-K82)
  • Conditions involving the cystic duct (K81-K82)
  • Postcholecystectomy syndrome (K91.5)
  • K83
  • Other diseases of biliary tract
    • K83.0
      • K83.01
    Primary sclerosing cholangitis
      • K83.09
    Other cholangitis
    • K83.1
    Obstruction of bile duct
    • K83.2
    Perforation of bile duct
    • K83.3
    Fistula of bile duct
    • K83.4
    Spasm of sphincter of Oddi
    • K83.5
    Biliary cyst
    • K83.8
    Other specified diseases of biliary tract
    • K83.9
    Disease of biliary tract, unspecified