K82.- Other diseases of gallbladder


  • Nonvisualization of gallbladder (R93.2)
  • Postcholecystectomy syndrome (K91.5)
  • K82
  • Other diseases of gallbladder
    • K82.0
    Obstruction of gallbladder
    • K82.1
    Hydrops of gallbladder
    • K82.2
    Perforation of gallbladder
    • K82.3
    Fistula of gallbladder
    • K82.4
    Cholesterolosis of gallbladder
    • K82.8
    Other specified diseases of gallbladder
    • K82.9
    Disease of gallbladder, unspecified
    • K82.A
    Disorders of gallbladder in diseases classified elsewhere
      • K82.A1
    Gangrene of gallbladder in cholecystitis
      • K82.A2
    Perforation of gallbladder in cholecystitis
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