K74.- Fibrosis and cirrhosis of liver


  • Alcoholic cirrhosis (of liver) (K70.3)
  • Alcoholic fibrosis of liver (K70.2)
  • Cardiac sclerosis of liver (K76.1)
  • Cirrhosis (of liver) with toxic liver disease (K71.7)
  • Congenital cirrhosis (of liver) (P78.81)
  • Pigmentary cirrhosis (of liver) (E83.110)
  • K74
  • Fibrosis and cirrhosis of liver
    • K74.0
    Hepatic fibrosis
      • K74.00
    Hepatic fibrosis, unspecified
      • K74.01
    Hepatic fibrosis, early fibrosis
      • K74.02
    Hepatic fibrosis, advanced fibrosis
    • K74.1
    Hepatic sclerosis
    • K74.2
    Hepatic fibrosis with hepatic sclerosis
    • K74.3
    Primary biliary cirrhosis
    • K74.4
    Secondary biliary cirrhosis
    • K74.5
    Biliary cirrhosis, unspecified
    • K74.6
    Other and unspecified cirrhosis of liver
      • K74.60
    Unspecified cirrhosis of liver
      • K74.69
    Other cirrhosis of liver
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