K12.- Stomatitis and related lesions


  • Cancrum oris (A69.0)
  • Cheilitis (K13.0)
  • Gangrenous stomatitis (A69.0)
  • Herpesviral [herpes simplex] gingivostomatitis (B00.2)
  • Noma (A69.0)
  • K12
  • Stomatitis and related lesions
    • K12.0
    Recurrent oral aphthae
    • K12.1
    Other forms of stomatitis
    • K12.2
    Cellulitis and abscess of mouth
    • K12.3
    Oral mucositis (ulcerative)
      • K12.30
    Oral mucositis (ulcerative), unspecified
      • K12.31
    Oral mucositis (ulcerative), due to antineoplastic therapy
      • K12.32
    Oral mucositis (ulcerative), due to other drugs
      • K12.33
    Oral mucositis (ulcerative), due to radiation
      • K12.39
    Other oral mucositis (ulcerative)
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