H91.- Other and unspecified hearing loss


  • Abnormal auditory perception (H93.2-)
  • Hearing loss as classified in
  • Impacted cerumen (H61.2-)
  • Noise-induced hearing loss (H83.3-)
  • Psychogenic deafness (F44.6)
  • Transient ischemic deafness (H93.01-)
  • H91
  • Other and unspecified hearing loss
    • H91.0
    Ototoxic hearing loss
      • H91.01
    Ototoxic hearing loss, right ear
      • H91.02
    Ototoxic hearing loss, left ear
      • H91.03
    Ototoxic hearing loss, bilateral
      • H91.09
    Ototoxic hearing loss, unspecified ear
    • H91.1
      • H91.10
    Presbycusis, unspecified ear
      • H91.11
    Presbycusis, right ear
      • H91.12
    Presbycusis, left ear
      • H91.13
    Presbycusis, bilateral
    • H91.2
    Sudden idiopathic hearing loss
      • H91.20
    Sudden idiopathic hearing loss, unspecified ear
      • H91.21
    Sudden idiopathic hearing loss, right ear
      • H91.22
    Sudden idiopathic hearing loss, left ear
      • H91.23
    Sudden idiopathic hearing loss, bilateral
    • H91.3
    Deaf nonspeaking, not elsewhere classified
    • H91.8
    Other specified hearing loss
      • H91.8X
    Other specified hearing loss
          • H91.8X1
    Other specified hearing loss, right ear
          • H91.8X2
    Other specified hearing loss, left ear
          • H91.8X3
    Other specified hearing loss, bilateral
          • H91.8X9
    Other specified hearing loss, unspecified ear
    • H91.9
    Unspecified hearing loss
      • H91.90
    Unspecified hearing loss, unspecified ear
      • H91.91
    Unspecified hearing loss, right ear
      • H91.92
    Unspecified hearing loss, left ear
      • H91.93
    Unspecified hearing loss, bilateral
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