M76.- Enthesopathies, lower limb, excluding foot


  • Bursitis due to use, overuse and pressure (M70.-)
  • Enthesopathies of ankle and foot (M77.5-)
  • M76
  • Enthesopathies, lower limb, excluding foot
    • M76.0
    Gluteal tendinitis
      • M76.00
    Gluteal tendinitis, unspecified hip
      • M76.01
    Gluteal tendinitis, right hip
      • M76.02
    Gluteal tendinitis, left hip
    • M76.1
    Psoas tendinitis
      • M76.10
    Psoas tendinitis, unspecified hip
      • M76.11
    Psoas tendinitis, right hip
      • M76.12
    Psoas tendinitis, left hip
    • M76.2
    Iliac crest spur
      • M76.20
    Iliac crest spur, unspecified hip
      • M76.21
    Iliac crest spur, right hip
      • M76.22
    Iliac crest spur, left hip
    • M76.3
    Iliotibial band syndrome
      • M76.30
    Iliotibial band syndrome, unspecified leg
      • M76.31
    Iliotibial band syndrome, right leg
      • M76.32
    Iliotibial band syndrome, left leg
    • M76.4
    Tibial collateral bursitis [Pellegrini-Stieda]
      • M76.40
    Tibial collateral bursitis [Pellegrini-Stieda], unspecified leg
      • M76.41
    Tibial collateral bursitis [Pellegrini-Stieda], right leg
      • M76.42
    Tibial collateral bursitis [Pellegrini-Stieda], left leg
    • M76.5
    Patellar tendinitis
      • M76.50
    Patellar tendinitis, unspecified knee
      • M76.51
    Patellar tendinitis, right knee
      • M76.52
    Patellar tendinitis, left knee
    • M76.6
    Achilles tendinitis
      • M76.60
    Achilles tendinitis, unspecified leg
      • M76.61
    Achilles tendinitis, right leg
      • M76.62
    Achilles tendinitis, left leg
    • M76.7
    Peroneal tendinitis
      • M76.70
    Peroneal tendinitis, unspecified leg
      • M76.71
    Peroneal tendinitis, right leg
      • M76.72
    Peroneal tendinitis, left leg
    • M76.8
    Other specified enthesopathies of lower limb, excluding foot
      • M76.81
    Anterior tibial syndrome
          • M76.811
    Anterior tibial syndrome, right leg
          • M76.812
    Anterior tibial syndrome, left leg
          • M76.819
    Anterior tibial syndrome, unspecified leg
      • M76.82
    Posterior tibial tendinitis
          • M76.821
    Posterior tibial tendinitis, right leg
          • M76.822
    Posterior tibial tendinitis, left leg
          • M76.829
    Posterior tibial tendinitis, unspecified leg
      • M76.89
    Other specified enthesopathies of lower limb, excluding foot
          • M76.891
    Other specified enthesopathies of right lower limb, excluding foot
          • M76.892
    Other specified enthesopathies of left lower limb, excluding foot
          • M76.899
    Other specified enthesopathies of unspecified lower limb, excluding foot
    • M76.9
    Unspecified enthesopathy, lower limb, excluding foot
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