M46.- Other inflammatory spondylopathies

  • M46
  • Other inflammatory spondylopathies
    • M46.0
    Spinal enthesopathy
      • M46.00
    Spinal enthesopathy, site unspecified
      • M46.01
    Spinal enthesopathy, occipito-atlanto-axial region
      • M46.02
    Spinal enthesopathy, cervical region
      • M46.03
    Spinal enthesopathy, cervicothoracic region
      • M46.04
    Spinal enthesopathy, thoracic region
      • M46.05
    Spinal enthesopathy, thoracolumbar region
      • M46.06
    Spinal enthesopathy, lumbar region
      • M46.07
    Spinal enthesopathy, lumbosacral region
      • M46.08
    Spinal enthesopathy, sacral and sacrococcygeal region
      • M46.09
    Spinal enthesopathy, multiple sites in spine
    • M46.1
    Sacroiliitis, not elsewhere classified
    • M46.2
    Osteomyelitis of vertebra
      • M46.20
    Osteomyelitis of vertebra, site unspecified
      • M46.21
    Osteomyelitis of vertebra, occipito-atlanto-axial region
      • M46.22
    Osteomyelitis of vertebra, cervical region
      • M46.23
    Osteomyelitis of vertebra, cervicothoracic region
      • M46.24
    Osteomyelitis of vertebra, thoracic region
      • M46.25
    Osteomyelitis of vertebra, thoracolumbar region
      • M46.26
    Osteomyelitis of vertebra, lumbar region
      • M46.27
    Osteomyelitis of vertebra, lumbosacral region
      • M46.28
    Osteomyelitis of vertebra, sacral and sacrococcygeal region
    • M46.3
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic)
      • M46.30
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic), site unspecified
      • M46.31
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic), occipito-atlanto-axial region
      • M46.32
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic), cervical region
      • M46.33
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic), cervicothoracic region
      • M46.34
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic), thoracic region
      • M46.35
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic), thoracolumbar region
      • M46.36
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic), lumbar region
      • M46.37
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic), lumbosacral region
      • M46.38
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic), sacral and sacrococcygeal region
      • M46.39
    Infection of intervertebral disc (pyogenic), multiple sites in spine
    • M46.4
    Discitis, unspecified
      • M46.40
    Discitis, unspecified, site unspecified
      • M46.41
    Discitis, unspecified, occipito-atlanto-axial region
      • M46.42
    Discitis, unspecified, cervical region
      • M46.43
    Discitis, unspecified, cervicothoracic region
      • M46.44
    Discitis, unspecified, thoracic region
      • M46.45
    Discitis, unspecified, thoracolumbar region
      • M46.46
    Discitis, unspecified, lumbar region
      • M46.47
    Discitis, unspecified, lumbosacral region
      • M46.48
    Discitis, unspecified, sacral and sacrococcygeal region
      • M46.49
    Discitis, unspecified, multiple sites in spine
    • M46.5
    Other infective spondylopathies
      • M46.50
    Other infective spondylopathies, site unspecified
      • M46.51
    Other infective spondylopathies, occipito-atlanto-axial region
      • M46.52
    Other infective spondylopathies, cervical region
      • M46.53
    Other infective spondylopathies, cervicothoracic region
      • M46.54
    Other infective spondylopathies, thoracic region
      • M46.55
    Other infective spondylopathies, thoracolumbar region
      • M46.56
    Other infective spondylopathies, lumbar region
      • M46.57
    Other infective spondylopathies, lumbosacral region
      • M46.58
    Other infective spondylopathies, sacral and sacrococcygeal region
      • M46.59
    Other infective spondylopathies, multiple sites in spine
    • M46.8
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies
      • M46.80
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies, site unspecified
      • M46.81
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies, occipito-atlanto-axial region
      • M46.82
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies, cervical region
      • M46.83
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies, cervicothoracic region
      • M46.84
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies, thoracic region
      • M46.85
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies, thoracolumbar region
      • M46.86
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies, lumbar region
      • M46.87
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies, lumbosacral region
      • M46.88
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies, sacral and sacrococcygeal region
      • M46.89
    Other specified inflammatory spondylopathies, multiple sites in spine
    • M46.9
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy
      • M46.90
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy, site unspecified
      • M46.91
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy, occipito-atlanto-axial region
      • M46.92
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy, cervical region
      • M46.93
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy, cervicothoracic region
      • M46.94
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy, thoracic region
      • M46.95
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy, thoracolumbar region
      • M46.96
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy, lumbar region
      • M46.97
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy, lumbosacral region
      • M46.98
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy, sacral and sacrococcygeal region
      • M46.99
    Unspecified inflammatory spondylopathy, multiple sites in spine
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