M40.- Kyphosis and lordosis


  • Congenital kyphosis and lordosis (Q76.4)
  • Kyphoscoliosis (M41.-)
  • Postprocedural kyphosis and lordosis (M96.-)
  • M40
  • Kyphosis and lordosis
    • M40.0
    Postural kyphosis
      • M40.00
    Postural kyphosis, site unspecified
      • M40.03
    Postural kyphosis, cervicothoracic region
      • M40.04
    Postural kyphosis, thoracic region
      • M40.05
    Postural kyphosis, thoracolumbar region
    • M40.1
    Other secondary kyphosis
      • M40.10
    Other secondary kyphosis, site unspecified
      • M40.12
    Other secondary kyphosis, cervical region
      • M40.13
    Other secondary kyphosis, cervicothoracic region
      • M40.14
    Other secondary kyphosis, thoracic region
      • M40.15
    Other secondary kyphosis, thoracolumbar region
    • M40.2
    Other and unspecified kyphosis
      • M40.20
    Unspecified kyphosis
          • M40.202
    Unspecified kyphosis, cervical region
          • M40.203
    Unspecified kyphosis, cervicothoracic region
          • M40.204
    Unspecified kyphosis, thoracic region
          • M40.205
    Unspecified kyphosis, thoracolumbar region
          • M40.209
    Unspecified kyphosis, site unspecified
      • M40.29
    Other kyphosis
          • M40.292
    Other kyphosis, cervical region
          • M40.293
    Other kyphosis, cervicothoracic region
          • M40.294
    Other kyphosis, thoracic region
          • M40.295
    Other kyphosis, thoracolumbar region
          • M40.299
    Other kyphosis, site unspecified
    • M40.3
    Flatback syndrome
      • M40.30
    Flatback syndrome, site unspecified
      • M40.35
    Flatback syndrome, thoracolumbar region
      • M40.36
    Flatback syndrome, lumbar region
      • M40.37
    Flatback syndrome, lumbosacral region
    • M40.4
    Postural lordosis
      • M40.40
    Postural lordosis, site unspecified
      • M40.45
    Postural lordosis, thoracolumbar region
      • M40.46
    Postural lordosis, lumbar region
      • M40.47
    Postural lordosis, lumbosacral region
    • M40.5
    Lordosis, unspecified
      • M40.50
    Lordosis, unspecified, site unspecified
      • M40.55
    Lordosis, unspecified, thoracolumbar region
      • M40.56
    Lordosis, unspecified, lumbar region
      • M40.57
    Lordosis, unspecified, lumbosacral region
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