M20.- Acquired deformities of fingers and toes


  • Acquired absence of fingers and toes (Z89.-)
  • Congenital absence of fingers and toes (Q71.3–Q72.3-)
  • Congenital deformities and malformations of fingers and toes (Q66.–Q68-Q70-Q74.-)
  • M20
  • Acquired deformities of fingers and toes
    • M20.0
    Deformity of finger(s)
      • M20.00
    Unspecified deformity of finger(s)
          • M20.001
    Unspecified deformity of right finger(s)
          • M20.002
    Unspecified deformity of left finger(s)
          • M20.009
    Unspecified deformity of unspecified finger(s)
      • M20.01
    Mallet finger
          • M20.011
    Mallet finger, of right finger(s)
          • M20.012
    Mallet finger, of left finger(s)
          • M20.019
    Mallet finger, of unspecified finger(s)
      • M20.02
    Boutonnière deformity
          • M20.021
    Boutonnière deformity, of right finger(s)
          • M20.022
    Boutonnière deformity, of left finger(s)
          • M20.029
    Boutonnière deformity, of unspecified finger(s)
      • M20.03
    Swan-neck deformity
          • M20.031
    Swan-neck deformity, of right finger(s)
          • M20.032
    Swan-neck deformity, of left finger(s)
          • M20.039
    Swan-neck deformity, of unspecified finger(s)
      • M20.09
    Other deformity of finger(s)
          • M20.091
    Other deformity of right finger(s)
          • M20.092
    Other deformity of left finger(s)
          • M20.099
    Other deformity of finger(s), unspecified finger(s)
    • M20.1
    Hallux valgus (acquired)
      • M20.10
    Hallux valgus (acquired), unspecified foot
      • M20.11
    Hallux valgus (acquired), right foot
      • M20.12
    Hallux valgus (acquired), left foot
    • M20.2
    Hallux rigidus
      • M20.20
    Hallux rigidus, unspecified foot
      • M20.21
    Hallux rigidus, right foot
      • M20.22
    Hallux rigidus, left foot
    • M20.3
    Hallux varus (acquired)
      • M20.30
    Hallux varus (acquired), unspecified foot
      • M20.31
    Hallux varus (acquired), right foot
      • M20.32
    Hallux varus (acquired), left foot
    • M20.4
    Other hammer toe(s) (acquired)
      • M20.40
    Other hammer toe(s) (acquired), unspecified foot
      • M20.41
    Other hammer toe(s) (acquired), right foot
      • M20.42
    Other hammer toe(s) (acquired), left foot
    • M20.5
    Other deformities of toe(s) (acquired)
      • M20.5X
    Other deformities of toe(s) (acquired)
          • M20.5X1
    Other deformities of toe(s) (acquired), right foot
          • M20.5X2
    Other deformities of toe(s) (acquired), left foot
          • M20.5X9
    Other deformities of toe(s) (acquired), unspecified foot
    • M20.6
    Acquired deformities of toe(s), unspecified
      • M20.60
    Acquired deformities of toe(s), unspecified, unspecified foot
      • M20.61
    Acquired deformities of toe(s), unspecified, right foot
      • M20.62
    Acquired deformities of toe(s), unspecified, left foot