K65.- Peritonitis


  • Acute appendicitis with generalized peritonitis (K35.2-)
  • Aseptic peritonitis (T81.6)
  • Benign paroxysmal peritonitis (E85.0)
  • Chemical peritonitis (T81.6)
  • Gonococcal peritonitis (A54.85)
  • Neonatal peritonitis (P78.0–P78.1)
  • Pelvic peritonitis, female (N73.3–N73.5)
  • Periodic familial peritonitis (E85.0)
  • Peritonitis due to talc or other foreign substance (T81.6)
  • Peritonitis in chlamydia (A74.81)
  • Peritonitis in diphtheria (A36.89)
  • Peritonitis in syphilis (late) (A52.74)
  • Peritonitis in tuberculosis (A18.31)
  • Peritonitis with or following abortion or ectopic or molar pregnancy (O00-O07-O08.0)
  • Peritonitis with or following appendicitis (K35.-)
  • Puerperal peritonitis (O85)
  • Retroperitoneal infections (K68.-)
  • K65
  • Peritonitis
    • K65.0
    Generalized (acute) peritonitis
    • K65.1
    Peritoneal abscess
    • K65.2
    Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis
    • K65.3
    • K65.4
    Sclerosing mesenteritis
    • K65.8
    Other peritonitis
    • K65.9
    Peritonitis, unspecified
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