K05.- Gingivitis and periodontal diseases

  • K05
  • Gingivitis and periodontal diseases
    • K05.0
    Acute gingivitis
      • K05.00
    Acute gingivitis, plaque induced
      • K05.01
    Acute gingivitis, non-plaque induced
    • K05.1
    Chronic gingivitis
      • K05.10
    Chronic gingivitis, plaque induced
      • K05.11
    Chronic gingivitis, non-plaque induced
    • K05.2
    Aggressive periodontitis
      • K05.20
    Aggressive periodontitis, unspecified
      • K05.21
    Aggressive periodontitis, localized
          • K05.211
    Aggressive periodontitis, localized, slight
          • K05.212
    Aggressive periodontitis, localized, moderate
          • K05.213
    Aggressive periodontitis, localized, severe
          • K05.219
    Aggressive periodontitis, localized, unspecified severity
      • K05.22
    Aggressive periodontitis, generalized
          • K05.221
    Aggressive periodontitis, generalized, slight
          • K05.222
    Aggressive periodontitis, generalized, moderate
          • K05.223
    Aggressive periodontitis, generalized, severe
          • K05.229
    Aggressive periodontitis, generalized, unspecified severity
    • K05.3
    Chronic periodontitis
      • K05.30
    Chronic periodontitis, unspecified
      • K05.31
    Chronic periodontitis, localized
          • K05.311
    Chronic periodontitis, localized, slight
          • K05.312
    Chronic periodontitis, localized, moderate
          • K05.313
    Chronic periodontitis, localized, severe
          • K05.319
    Chronic periodontitis, localized, unspecified severity
      • K05.32
    Chronic periodontitis, generalized
          • K05.321
    Chronic periodontitis, generalized, slight
          • K05.322
    Chronic periodontitis, generalized, moderate
          • K05.323
    Chronic periodontitis, generalized, severe
          • K05.329
    Chronic periodontitis, generalized, unspecified severity
    • K05.4
    • K05.5
    Other periodontal diseases
    • K05.6
    Periodontal disease, unspecified
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