Z97.- Presence of other devices


  • Fitting and adjustment of prosthetic and other devices (Z44-Z46)
  • Presence of cerebrospinal fluid drainage device (Z98.2)
  • Complications of internal prosthetic devices, implants and grafts (T82-T85)
  • Z97
  • Presence of other devices
    • Z97.0
    Presence of artificial eye
    • Z97.1
    Presence of artificial limb (complete) (partial)
      • Z97.10
    Presence of artificial limb (complete) (partial), unspecified
      • Z97.11
    Presence of artificial right arm (complete) (partial)
      • Z97.12
    Presence of artificial left arm (complete) (partial)
      • Z97.13
    Presence of artificial right leg (complete) (partial)
      • Z97.14
    Presence of artificial left leg (complete) (partial)
      • Z97.15
    Presence of artificial arms, bilateral (complete) (partial)
      • Z97.16
    Presence of artificial legs, bilateral (complete) (partial)
    • Z97.2
    Presence of dental prosthetic device (complete) (partial)
    • Z97.3
    Presence of spectacles and contact lenses
    • Z97.4
    Presence of external hearing-aid
    • Z97.5
    Presence of (intrauterine) contraceptive device
    • Z97.8
    Presence of other specified devices
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