Z96.- Presence of other functional implants


  • Complications of internal prosthetic devices, implants and grafts (T82-T85)
  • Fitting and adjustment of prosthetic and other devices (Z44-Z46)
  • Z96
  • Presence of other functional implants
    • Z96.0
    Presence of urogenital implants
    • Z96.1
    Presence of intraocular lens
    • Z96.2
    Presence of otological and audiological implants
      • Z96.20
    Presence of otological and audiological implant, unspecified
      • Z96.21
    Cochlear implant status
      • Z96.22
    Myringotomy tube(s) status
      • Z96.29
    Presence of other otological and audiological implants
    • Z96.3
    Presence of artificial larynx
    • Z96.4
    Presence of endocrine implants
      • Z96.41
    Presence of insulin pump (external) (internal)
      • Z96.49
    Presence of other endocrine implants
    • Z96.5
    Presence of tooth-root and mandibular implants
    • Z96.6
    Presence of orthopedic joint implants
      • Z96.60
    Presence of unspecified orthopedic joint implant
      • Z96.61
    Presence of artificial shoulder joint
          • Z96.611
    Presence of right artificial shoulder joint
          • Z96.612
    Presence of left artificial shoulder joint
          • Z96.619
    Presence of unspecified artificial shoulder joint
      • Z96.62
    Presence of artificial elbow joint
          • Z96.621
    Presence of right artificial elbow joint
          • Z96.622
    Presence of left artificial elbow joint
          • Z96.629
    Presence of unspecified artificial elbow joint
      • Z96.63
    Presence of artificial wrist joint
          • Z96.631
    Presence of right artificial wrist joint
          • Z96.632
    Presence of left artificial wrist joint
          • Z96.639
    Presence of unspecified artificial wrist joint
      • Z96.64
    Presence of artificial hip joint
          • Z96.641
    Presence of right artificial hip joint
          • Z96.642
    Presence of left artificial hip joint
          • Z96.643
    Presence of artificial hip joint, bilateral
          • Z96.649
    Presence of unspecified artificial hip joint
      • Z96.65
    Presence of artificial knee joint
          • Z96.651
    Presence of right artificial knee joint
          • Z96.652
    Presence of left artificial knee joint
          • Z96.653
    Presence of artificial knee joint, bilateral
          • Z96.659
    Presence of unspecified artificial knee joint
      • Z96.66
    Presence of artificial ankle joint
          • Z96.661
    Presence of right artificial ankle joint
          • Z96.662
    Presence of left artificial ankle joint
          • Z96.669
    Presence of unspecified artificial ankle joint
      • Z96.69
    Presence of other orthopedic joint implants
          • Z96.691
    Finger-joint replacement of right hand
          • Z96.692
    Finger-joint replacement of left hand
          • Z96.693
    Finger-joint replacement, bilateral
          • Z96.698
    Presence of other orthopedic joint implants
    • Z96.7
    Presence of other bone and tendon implants
    • Z96.8
    Presence of other specified functional implants
      • Z96.81
    Presence of artificial skin
      • Z96.82
    Presence of neurostimulator
      • Z96.89
    Presence of other specified functional implants
    • Z96.9
    Presence of functional implant, unspecified
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