Z93.- Artificial opening status


  • Artificial openings requiring attention or management (Z43.-)
  • Complications of external stoma (J95.0–K94.–N99.5-)
  • Z93
  • Artificial opening status
    • Z93.0
    Tracheostomy status
    • Z93.1
    Gastrostomy status
    • Z93.2
    Ileostomy status
    • Z93.3
    Colostomy status
    • Z93.4
    Other artificial openings of gastrointestinal tract status
    • Z93.5
    Cystostomy status
      • Z93.50
    Unspecified cystostomy status
      • Z93.51
    Cutaneous-vesicostomy status
      • Z93.52
    Appendico-vesicostomy status
      • Z93.59
    Other cystostomy status
    • Z93.6
    Other artificial openings of urinary tract status
    • Z93.8
    Other artificial opening status
    • Z93.9
    Artificial opening status, unspecified
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