Z72.- Problems related to lifestyle


  • Problems related to life-management difficulty (Z73.-)
  • Problems related to socioeconomic and psychosocial circumstances (Z55-Z65)
  • Z72
  • Problems related to lifestyle
    • Z72.0
    Tobacco use
    • Z72.3
    Lack of physical exercise
    • Z72.4
    Inappropriate diet and eating habits
    • Z72.5
    High risk sexual behavior
      • Z72.51
    High risk heterosexual behavior
      • Z72.52
    High risk homosexual behavior
      • Z72.53
    High risk bisexual behavior
    • Z72.6
    Gambling and betting
    • Z72.8
    Other problems related to lifestyle
      • Z72.81
    Antisocial behavior
          • Z72.810
    Child and adolescent antisocial behavior
          • Z72.811
    Adult antisocial behavior
      • Z72.82
    Problems related to sleep
          • Z72.820
    Sleep deprivation
          • Z72.821
    Inadequate sleep hygiene
      • Z72.89
    Other problems related to lifestyle
    • Z72.9
    Problem related to lifestyle, unspecified
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