X10-X19: Contact with heat and hot substances


  • Exposure to excessive natural heat (X30)
  • Exposure to fire and flames (X00-X08)
  • X10.-
  • Contact with hot drinks, food, fats and cooking oils
  • X11.-
  • Contact with hot tap-water
  • X12.-
  • Contact with other hot fluids
  • X13.-
  • Contact with steam and other hot vapors
  • X14.-
  • Contact with hot air and other hot gases
  • X15.-
  • Contact with hot household appliances
  • X16.-
  • Contact with hot heating appliances, radiators and pipes
  • X17.-
  • Contact with hot engines, machinery and tools
  • X18.-
  • Contact with other hot metals
  • X19.-
  • Contact with other heat and hot substances
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