I72.- Other aneurysm


  • Aneurysm (cirsoid) (false) (ruptured))


  • Acquired aneurysm (I77.0)
  • Aneurysm (of) aorta (I71.-)
  • Aneurysm (of) arteriovenous NOS (Q27.3-)
  • Carotid artery dissection (I77.71)
  • Cerebral (nonruptured) aneurysm (I67.1)
  • Coronary aneurysm (I25.4)
  • Coronary artery dissection (I25.42)
  • Dissection of artery NEC (I77.79)
  • Dissection of precerebral artery, congenital (nonruptured) (Q28.1)
  • Heart aneurysm (I25.3)
  • Iliac artery dissection (I77.72)
  • Precerebral artery, congential (nonruptured) (Q28.1)
  • Pulmonary artery aneurysm (I28.1)
  • Renal artery dissection (I77.73)
  • Retinal aneurysm (H35.0)
  • Ruptured cerebral aneurysm (I60.7)
  • Varicose aneurysm (I77.0)
  • Vertebral artery dissection (I77.74)
  • I72
  • Other aneurysm
    • I72.0
    Aneurysm of carotid artery
    • I72.1
    Aneurysm of artery of upper extremity
    • I72.2
    Aneurysm of renal artery
    • I72.3
    Aneurysm of iliac artery
    • I72.4
    Aneurysm of artery of lower extremity
    • I72.5
    Aneurysm of other precerebral arteries
    • I72.6
    Aneurysm of vertebral artery
    • I72.8
    Aneurysm of other specified arteries
    • I72.9
    Aneurysm of unspecified site
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